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Over the years, I have been through a lot of equipment and gear!  And I mean a lot!
So,  how much helped me and how much hindered me?   It’s an age old question
and an important one because we are bombarded daily with a ton of Gear commercials.
So what’s the best camera?  One person once told me, “the best camera is the one
that’s in your hands”! lol  There is truth to that statement. If you’re in a situation where you need
a camera to capture a moment and all you have is your cell phone camera then that is your best camera!
What I learned over all these years of using different kinds of “Gear”  is that one can
do a job easier if they have a decent tool to do that job.  But with a decent tool comes
the responsibility of learning to use it fully so that it make your task  at hand easier and more productive.
Many pro’s including myself use non pro gear all the time!
Its really about being creative and making the most of what you have and your
surroundings with your experiences and knowledge and not the gear.





Company of Giants


Much has been said about “developing” a style.  I never considered myself
to have developed a style of sort. I don’t think anyone should ever pursue
a style as it is not achievable.  In other words, looking back at a lifetime of 

work you can see what you have done! That is your style!
It is always in hindsight and not something you can pursue.
A style is something that happened while you were busy creating.
Its view point is always in hindsight!


To Photoshop or not to Photoshop!

This is another blog about age old question, how much editing is enough?  Should I even edit at all?
Here is my take on it.  I have over 15 years experience with computers and
computer programs. I have been using Photoshop and many other products since their early versions.
I love using them and creating things that are in my mind and mixing it with the real world.
First and always foremost, do what you love to do.  I love both art and technology,
so I do both and I am very good at it!  I am an artist first and a photographer second.
So was Ansel Adams, whom I loved.  He manipulated his images extensively.
Look, if you are a journalist,and you want to convey “Truth” in your image,
then getting it as perfect in Camera as you can is important, but only because the majority
do not fully understand the digital technology involved.  The very nanosecond you take a digital image,
it is already manipulated. The collection of light photons go thru a vast array of
man made electronics that create the jpg or Raw file that you then download and either post or edit.
So I always leave camera “purity” to the storytellers that want to convey a limited message of importance.
Even they want to tell their version of the story anyway.  Aside from that, create anything you want and alter any
reality you want.  There are no rules except the ones the crazies create thinking
that their rules are the best ones.  I always create the image I have in my head, and
could care less about what was going in the real world because it’s my story and no one else can change that.  Nuff said.


Many Landscapes I do are beyond thought.


I  often get asked by photographers,  How do you see creatively?   The simple answer is “Imagination”.
But it’s way more than that!  There are rigors of study that are always behind every successful artist. Why?
Because if you do not have any foundation of experiences, you have very little information to fuel
your Imagination!   Nothing and I mean Nothing, is more powerful than working with other
experienced people one on one and building bonds and memories.  These are things that are “Sticky” in your
mind because they are more than teachings.  Reading a Blog does help along with google youtube and
their groups and channels, but actual experiences and your mind will develop a more
long lasting pattern in the brain and that will provide fuel for your imagination.  This is why I am
starting a new venture providing 5-day workshops.  Very small groups of intense one on one focus
to help others that want to improve and intensify their imagination and passion.  I want to share with
others what I have discovered from my journey’s and observations that I see many are struggling to see.



Make the ordinary  Extraordinary!

I shot this beautiful vineyard while teaching a workshop.
The wind had bent over the other trees creating a stick man figure.
I teach how to find these things out of the ordinary and think creatively in my workshops.
When shooting the ordinary, think extraordinary!


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